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Legal Seminars and Workshops for the Public

Legal Seminars Live and On Demand

In the era of information, often times we are seeking answers to important life changing questions, and turn to what we know, google and social media.  How do you know that the answers you are receiving are correct?  Would you ask a dentist to fix the breaks on your car or a construction worker to perform open heart surgery?  We need to ensure we ask the professionals with training and experience once we have sought our own information online, to ensure we don't cost ourselves time and money.
Here at SFG Paralegal Services LLP, we are putting on seminars, workshops and question and answer sessions to assist with learning the law on every day legal issues.  Our seminars are geared towards the public, however may also be suitable for students that are training to enter into the legal profession.
If there is a particular seminar you would like to see, complete the contact form below with your feedback and suggestions.
Legal Seminars and Workshops for the Public

Human Rights in the Residential Leasing Process in Ontario

Saturday, March 6th 2021 from 10:00am to 12:00pm EST
In this seminar, small to medium size landlords and realtors, will learn how to minimize mistakes in the leasing process from a Human Rights Prospective.  The seminar will be two (2) hours and cover the following topics:

Discriminatory Ads

Credit Scores

Rent to Income Ratios

Income Verification

Question and Answer Session 

Only $31.36 inclusive of HST

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