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Being a Landlord in this market has become progressively become harder. Supply is low, demand is high, yet more and more landlords are considering leaving the market due to several constraints.  Legislative restrictions often make it hard for Landlords to quickly handle situations with their tenants, and even more so with “professional” tenants, who are ready and willing to use the system to their advantage and cause monetary damage.

The main challenge faced by landlords is the the process to evict a tenants seems easy.  Landlords who have rented their units for many years had gotten used to representing themselves.  The landscape has now changed, many Landlords who come to our office have tried to navigate the system and failed.  This has caused them large delays and after severe monetary damages.

Our firm can be a strong voice that will guide you through the process.  Our Paralegals are experienced and we represent landlords before the Landlord and Tenant Board on a regular basis.

Landlord ServicesOur firm is committed to listening to our clients and coming up with the best possible strategy to solve their legal problems.  We take on all types of cases from the simple to the very complex.  Landlords can be assured that no matter the severity, we are here to provide the best representation available.

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