SFG Paralegal Services was founded by Samantha F.  Glass on the premise that all persons have a right to legal representation and access to justice.  The passion of everyone at SFG has always been directed at helping the public navigate the frustrating legal process.

Friendly Approach

When you need SFG Paralegal Services:

When you have a problem and when you want advice to prevent a problem
When you think you have been wronged or you have been wronged
When you need a problem solved
When you are owed money
When your Legal Rights including Human Rights have been infringed upon.  Easy to Reach

We are Strong, Focused and Committed to your Legal Needs

We litigate and negotiate for you vigorously
We take the intimidation out of the legal process
We offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs
We have years of experience with hundreds of cases handled

True Professionals

Our defined scope of practice under the Law Society of Ontario brings the public the ability to have legal representatives that practice in areas of law that the public encounters on a daily basis without even realizing it.

The firm of SFG Paralegal Services currently comprises of five professionals that can assist you in a variety of areas and ways.  Get our strategic thinkers working for you!

SFG Paralegal Services

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