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Thank you for choosing SFG Paralegal Services LLP, please take a minute to review this helpful information for new clients.  If you are still deciding whether to work with our firm, or you are on our website to get information about potential representation, the information below will be equally helpful to you.

Business Hours

The SFG Paralegal Services LLP office operates Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM.  These hours are designed to provide our clients with exceptional service, while also allowing staff to have a healthy work/life balance.  We are open one Saturday a month from 9AM to 2PM.  A client may want outside office hours communication or work and this may be provided.  There will be an additional fee for this, which is paid in advance of any work or services.


We will only set in-person appointments with clients when it is necessary or essential.  With technology advances, and best practices developed since the onslaught of COVID19, almost all our client interactions have moved to an online format.

We appreciate this format may be uncomfortable for some of our clients and will take that into consideration when making decisions about in person appointments.  It will ultimately be up to the retained legal representative on your file to decide what is necessary or essential.

It is also important for you to come prepared when meeting with our firm.  As appointments are billable, when a client comes with a prepared list of questions, or areas of law they would like to discuss, it allows meetings to flow more efficiently.

As a litigation firm, it does happen that our litigators get called away suddenly in an emergency or for a court appearance to last longer than expected.  On such occasions, we may cancel a scheduled appointment on short notice.  We do our best to avoid such scenarios; but again, it can and does happen.

If you attend our office without an appointment, you may (and probably will be) turned away.


Our preferred method of communicating with our clients is e-mail.  It is up to our clients to ensure their email is secure. E-mail will be used for confidential information, letters, copies of your invoices and to seek instructions regarding your matter.  If a client does not have access to secure e-mail, phone or fax are acceptable.  Regardless of the communication type, we typically return communication within two (2) business days.

When communicating with the firm, either in writing, or voicemail, it is essential that you clearly state why you are communicating with us.  For example, if you are communicating to see if a trial or hearing date has been assigned to your case, our administration staff can likely get back to you sooner than the paralegal who has carriage of your file.

It is highly suggested that you have a voicemail system on your phone line.  If you do not, we suggest you get one.  Being able to leave you a message is essential, especially in cases of emergency.

Sharing Materials

During our representation of you, there will be times we require you to provide our firm with materials.  These materials could be evidence for your upcoming matters, copies of contracts or other documents to establish or help you defend a claim.

When providing these materials, you should always provide them in date order, and provide a detailed explanation of what each document means, and why the document is relevant to your legal case.

March 3, 2020
Email About Boat Sale

We specifically asked if there were any maintenance issues.

March 4, 2020
Boat Purchase Contract

We signed an agreement that specifically said 'no' maintenance issues.

April 5, 2020
Invoice to Replace Engine

We paid for replacement engine and received mechanics notes.

The more time that a legal representative is required to organize and determine the relevance of the disclosed materials will add costs to your matter.  By preparing documents as mentioned above, it will save you significant time and money as your case moves through the litigation process.

If you do not have scanned copies of your documents, we recommend sending them by courier, or scheduling an appointment with our administration staff to drop the documents off.  Once a litigator reviews the documents, they will schedule a time to speak with you.  We typically do not schedule appointments with a legal professional if the sole purpose of the appointment is to drop off documents.

Telephone Calls

It is our practice to return phone calls within two business days.  When choosing to call the office, we suggest calling to speak with our administration staff wherever possible.  This is more cost effective then always calling your assigned litigator.  In many cases, they will be able to answer your questions.  Administration staff cannot provide legal advice and can only advise as to status of your file.  If a litigator is required, they will inform the litigator to call you at their earliest opportunity.  You should remember that all interactions with our firm are billable.

Our Job

Our goal is to provide guidance in the litigation process.  We will advise you on what we believe to be the best strategy available to you, based on the evidence we have before us.  That strategy may change as more information is provided by you, or the other side in your matter.

It is not part of our professional obligation to blindly charge into a court proceeding on your behalf.  When you provide evidence to us, we will test that information.  We will ask for expert reports, any communication, or other relevant documents regarding a fact of your case.   We do this to protect your best interests, and to ensure that when a judge or the opposing side tries to test your evidence, we have the necessary information to prove the facts of your case.

We are unable to address emotional frustrations, or anything else, that falls outside the legal scope of your matter.

Transferring Your File

We understand that a client may either choose to leave another representative or chose to leave our firm.

If you are coming to SFG from another firm, it is a requirement that we review your unedited file in its entirety.  It is of no benefit for you to remove pieces of information because you believe them to be unflattering or unhelpful.   It is also extremely important that your file be organized.  All time spent reviewing the file of another legal representative is billed hourly.  You will be required to deposit funds into our firms trust account prior to any review.  You should also note, that we cannot review any documents or provide advice until you have disengaged the services of your existing legal representative.

If you are leaving SFG, you will already have copies of all the relevant materials for your file.  You should keep these documents organized.  If you deleted a document, email, or file, a copy can be provided to you.  We will also return any original documents in our possession and provide a paper copy of any file upon request.  You will be required to cover any cost associated with closing your file.


Keeping your information confidential is the cornerstone of a client-legal professional relationship.  We cannot disclose information to family members, friends, or any other person without your express consent.  This includes other legal representatives.  In order for our firm to disclose any information, you will be required to sign a release of confidential information.

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