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Student Corner Student Corner 

This page is a resource for students to utilize durning their studies, with links to relevant cases, acts and exercise for you to test your knowledge and much more. 

 The Residential Tenancies Act

The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, c. 17, (RTA), is an act that governs residential tenancies in Ontario. There are regulations pertiaining to more specific matters as well as Rules of Practice  and Interpretation Guidelines that are created by the Landlord and Tenant BoardThe boards powers to make these rules are set out in section 176 of the RTA and section 25.1 of The Statutory Powers and Procedures Act R.S.O. 1990, c. S. 22, (SPPA). The SPPA is the Ontario Statute that sets our basic procedural rules for all tribunals. 

However not all "tenancies" are governed by this act.  Lets take a look at the act and identify the types of tenancies the act doesn't govern. 


Fact senerio - YOU BE THE JUDGE 
Bob rents an apartment from Jim. Bob pays $1500.00 a month for a bachelor apartment. Bob feels this is a great deal because the room is very large and spacious. The only odd thing is that the apartment is in a commercial building. Bob's neighbours have stores, a photo studio, a printing business and a registered massage theripist. Bob really didn't mind as his unit has all the things he needs and the unit was just beautiful. 
Is Bob's unit governed by the (RTA)? 
If you answered YES, to the above, explain why?  If you answered NO, explain why not? 
Here is a resourse to assist you. 
Determining Residential Use or Commercial Use  
Does your answer change?  
The above question is a case that you may run into and throughout your studies, fact senerios will be posed to you thoughout to check your understanding of the topics.  


 The Tenancy Agreement

In Ontario Landlords are required to provide a tenancy agreement that is stipulated by the government known as the STANDARIZED LEASE. This is the only lease that a residential landlord may use. Standarized Lease Click Here
 The purpose of the Standarized Lease, was to cover all possible basic situations that a landlord and tenant may face, such as: 
  1. The legal names of the parties to the agreement;
  2. The proper address of the rental unit; 
  3. The number of parking spots and the cost for parking; 
  4. The Landlords contact information; Student Corner
  5. The term of the tenancy; 
  6. The rental amount, and when is due;  
  7. If utilities are included or not; 
  8. Rent discounts that may apply; 
  9. If a rent deposit is required and how much; 
  10. Key deposits
  11. Smoking
  12. Tenant's insurance
  13. Changes to the rental unit; 
  14. Maintenance and Repairs; 
  15. Assignment and subletting; 
  16. Additional terms; 
  17. Signitures of all parites.


Mary is about to sign a rental agreement for a 3 bedroom house at 12345 Anywhere Street. Mary is given the lease agreement by her landlord Bob. The lease is that from the Ontario Real Estate Council, and indicates that Mary can rent the unit for $3000.00 a month but would require a rent despoit of $6000.00 as Mary is new to the country and has no credit. Mary also notices that the lease indicates that Mary would not be allowed to have Rover, her guard dog in the unit. Mary is desperate and signs the lease. 

 Would the lease be valid?  If YES, why, if NO, why not? 
Can Bob leagally say to Mary she cannot bring Rover, her guard dog to live in the unit? 
Are "no pet" clauses binding? 

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