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The vast majority of Landlords are honest people who adhere to the Residential Tenancies Act.  The challenge tenants face is when you find out that your Landlord is the exception.  As a renter, the balance of power  traditionally shifts toward the Landlord.  Due to recent changes in the Residential Tenancy Act, renters now have more resources available to them and seek a remedy against an unreasonable Landlord.

The Landlord and Tenant Board may be more simplified then other types of court processes, but it is still a legal action heard in front of an adjudicator.  A Licensed Paralegal can often be a strong voice that will guide you through the process.  Our Firm is actively engaged in the community to provide information on Tenant rights and obligations.

Once retained, our firm will always try and find the best possible strategy to solve your legal problems.  We take on all types of cases from the simple to the very complex.  Tenants can be assured that no matter the severity, we are here to provide the best representation available.  Regardless of your income bracket, our firm can and will work with you so that you are provided competenant legal services.

By hiring out firm, Tenants can have peace of mind knowing they will be well taken care of.  Whether you have a legal problem or you want to know your rights and obligations as a Tenant, we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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